Top tips for delivering great customer service | September 15, 2014

thumbs upIsn't it amazing how often we experience really bad customer service. And, when we do, doesn't it really annoy you?

The way your customers feel towards you is so important. The more care and attention you provide them, the more they are likely to continue to want to work with you. This is simple human nature. Taking this a step further, shouldn't customer service be a top priority day in, day out?...

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An Insider’s Guide to Writing a Great CV (Résumé) | June 2, 2014

iStock_000035768924SmallWith the recruitment market getting busier and busier, there are increasingly more opportunities available to look at for that fantastic career move. And, as the market heats up, so too does the level of competition for each role.

To give yourself the very best chance of going on the ‘Yes’ pile, your CV needs to make an immediate impact and demonstrate exactly why you are right to be considered....

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Jack of all trades, master of none | May 7, 2014

Jack of HeartsI’ve recently had a call from a good client of mine, asking if I was able to run a new training programme for them.

Like most people I love being asked to do more work for my clients, but the problem was that what they were asking for wasn’t really my main area of expertise....

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There are no cover bands in the rock and roll hall of fame – differentiate the Scott Ginsberg way | April 1, 2014

rock guitarWe are all individuals, and we like to be thought of as individuals. Not numbers, not the guy from XYZ Co, not so-and-so’s husband, wife, brother, boss etc. Just us, as we are.

When it comes to business, this can be dramatically overplayed. For one reason or another we often melt ourselves into a one size fits all version for the world to see. We become what we think the world expects of us. Sure, there is good reason for some of this, but when it comes to working with clients isn’t it true that people buy people?...

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Delighting a client is so easy…… | February 20, 2014

thumbs up“Under promise and over deliver” - these are the very wise words of Tom Peters. It’s such a simple concept but in practice so few businesses manage to do it.

If we manage our client’s expectations, if we let them know exactly what they can expect and then deliver on, and if possible over that expectation - every one is happy. And we all want happy clients, don't we?...

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The Secret Of Small Talk | January 15, 2014

Speech bubblesI’m often amazed at how many people I meet who tell me that they are no good at making small talk. They are happy to chat with friends, or people that they meet at a party. But when it comes to business, when it comes to networking, they find it tough.

Some even feel that what they do won’t be interesting to other people, and clam up completely as a result.

Small talk truth

The truth is that small talk is vital. It allows us to get to know that other person. It’s the starting point that helps us to decide if we like that other person. Small talk is the glue of relationship building.

Know, like and trust

It’s important to remember that we can't do business with people that we don't know, and we don’t buy professional services from people that we don't trust....

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Get the job you really want this new year | January 8, 2014

dream job no backgroundI was a recruiter for a very long time, actually longer than I would like to mention (okay 16 years) and in that time, and ever since, I am asked by people to help them in their careers.

I love to help people and I really enjoy watching those people go on to get the jobs they really want, and build better and more enjoyable careers as a result....

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Holidays are coming! What a great time to network | November 13, 2013

skateboard santaWith ‘silly season’ almost upon us, many are thinking of the wasted working weeks coming up, where their clients aren’t around to speak with, or are too busy being entertained and entertaining to think about new business.

This time of the year is a great time and a fantastic opportunity to get out and spend time networking with our clients. After all, people are expecting to be using the pre-Christmas time in this way, so why not take full advantage of it?...

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Actions speak louder than words – Make things happen | October 10, 2013

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. It is so dramatically different from Summer, and although it spells the beginning of the long cold spell, it is really beautiful, especially in rural Oxfordshire where I live.

The different seasons in Britain are something I love about living here....

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Why your recruitment strategy for hiring Partners is failing | October 9, 2013

Like most firms, you want to grow. This growth plan is a mixture of organic building and investing in hiring externally. Ideally, a person or team with a strong following, who is a perfect cultural fit for your business.

For roles where there is a clearly defined and scarce resource required, search is a very sensible and effective approach. The consultant and their researchers can spend the necessary time mapping the market, approaching the right people, interviewing them and then selling them you, your business and the opportunity therein....

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