The power of happy | January 16, 2017


In an age where good customer service is so hard to get and business is often tough, I am amazed at how little attention some businesses pay to the first, whilst moaning on and on about the second. Hello, can someone serve me please? This morning I went into the village to get something from […]

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Why Jimi Hendrix is my business hero | September 23, 2016


  In the music business there are a two main ways to succeed. You can work like crazy and hope to be found, doing what you need to do until stardom breaks, or you can apply to an advert, audition for a band or singing group and be produced into a star. Both are legitimate […]

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The top 5 benefits of blogging for business and marketing | June 10, 2016


  So, people have mentioned that you should write a blog. You think you should too, but where to start? What would you write about? Will anyone read it anyway? And what about all the time it takes? You are busy, right? Where will you find the extra time?  The list can go on and […]

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The massive cost of not doing something right the first time? | May 18, 2016


It’s interesting to look at successful businesses and understand the factors that make them such a success. There are of course many many of these, great product or service, great people, great hiring, great training, great value proposition – the list goes on and on…. The one thing that they all have in common however, […]

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There’s feedback and then there’s feedback | February 26, 2016


How often do you ask your clients for feedback – you know when you have finished a job for them, or part way through a project? How happy are they with what you have done? And when you do ask, isn’t it great when they tell you how fantastic they think you are and how […]

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What Children’s Rugby Can Teach Us About Business Development | January 29, 2016

Ben head

  When we introduce children to Rugby, one of the first things we teach them is how to pass a ball.  Passing is a fundamental of the game and really important to learn well early on. To help children learn to pass we teach them a technique called the Magic W.  This is where they […]

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Holidays are coming! What a great time to network | December 11, 2015

skateboard santa

With ‘silly season’ well and truly upon us, many are thinking of the wasted working weeks coming up, where their clients aren’t around to speak with, or are too busy being entertained and entertaining to think about new business. I must say I have to differ. This time of the year is a great time […]

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OMG! Did you really use THAT as your profile picture ?! | October 22, 2015

happy couple selfie in Paris

  We all know that first impressions count. In business it is so important and in the world of social media platforms that first impression can cost you dearly if you get it wrong.  There are many horror stories of people posting mad things to Facebook etc, but historically most have been more conservative with […]

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What does hiring for cultural fit really mean? | July 15, 2015

We are Hiring

  When I first started life as a recruitment consultant my manager and mentor at the time told me that there are only three things that are important in the hiring process: 1. personality 2. personality 3. personality This advice is so simple and so true. In professional sales there is no bigger truth than […]

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Picking up the phone with confidence – Stop cold calling and start introducing yourself | May 20, 2015


We all use phones all day long, we speak with clients, we talk to friends and loved ones, we call colleagues and suppliers. We are more than happy to speak with people we know, but when it comes to calling someone we don’t know, even the most hardened sales-people can go weak at the knees. […]

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