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Sales Training Course

Designed especially for Professional People

The need for legal, accountancy, finance and consulting professionals to win new client business has never been greater, yet the majority of these professionals are uncomfortable in a selling style environment. In fact, most consider ‘Sales’ to be a dirty word.

May firms and companies have excellent training departments and first rate systems to ensure that staff are always professionally up to date.

But, very few firms and companies formally train and develop their staff to do the things they want more and more of. Business development, marketing, new business. Sustainable, developable, billable client business. And this all involves sales skills.

In today’s market you need to be great at what you do, and also great at selling and marketing what you do.

This is sales training designed purely for professional people

Being the one selling can feel very unnatural for the majority of professionals, who would much prefer to be on the receiving side of the desk. However, as business becomes harder to get and more and more competitive, the ability to sell and market effectively has become completely necessity.

Sales isn’t complicated. Meeting more clients, winning their business, developing those relationships and leveraging on them to it all again is easy. Easy when you know how. Much of it requires a change in mindset, and some new skills. Skills that will compliment and develop your natural potential.

I provide tailored workshops and one-to-one training, specific to the needs of you and your business. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss these areas with you personally.

Training Locations: Reading, Bristol, Southampton, Oxford, London and throughout the UK

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