Actions speak louder than words – Make things happen

Actions speak louder than words – Make things happen

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. It is so dramatically different from Summer, and although it spells the beginning of the long cold spell, it is really beautiful, especially in rural Oxfordshire where I live.


I grew up in Perth, in Western Australia where there are only two seasons really, Summer and Winter. Its gets hot and dry, then it gets colder, sometimes rains and really rains when it does, and then it gets hot and dry again.


The different seasons in Britain are something I love about living here.


What autumn also brings for me is a time to reflect and plan. Q4 is always a great time, I love to review my performance in the preceding quarters, but much more that that, I love to plan where I am going and where my business is headed. It is a really positive time and more that that is has the air of excitement about what is coming next.


I have had enough of the doom and gloom being spread daily in the media. I know that if my business is to succeed, then it is up to me to make it happen. It is actions, not plans that bring success. And, as the days shorten, so too does your chance to make an impact before the year ends.


Autumn is a time to really push the pedal down and make the remainder of 2013 a great one. It is nothing to do with the wider economy, it is up to you!


What makes the difference between those who want to be successful, and those who are is action. Planning is vital, but without action, planning is worthless. It is all about what you do. What you do.


With a little tenacity  and perseverance anyone can go on to be what ever they want to be.  Some guidance can also help, but its what you do with that guidance that counts.


Go out and make it happen.


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