Becoming a Networking Superstar

Becoming a Networking Superstar

Why is it that when we walk into a room of strangers so many of us suddenly become riddled with fears and concerns, completely unsure of what to do? We go to business events full of confidence and the desire to meet new people and build new business relationships, but when it comes to the doing part it’s not as easy as we thought it would be.

The fact is that 99% of people really hate this sort of activity.

It falls outside their comfort zone. They are expected to go out and market their businesses, and indeed they want to, but have had no formal training in how to do it.

Without any formal training on the skills of networking, is it really any wonder you might find it difficult, or unsettling?

Networking is a process, and there are some very simple tips and techniques, which when put into practice, make the art of networking something that becomes easier and easier, and enjoyable as a result. Then the real results will start to come.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business or how many events you go to, I am yet to meet anyone who couldn’t do with a little polish here and there. And even those who enjoy “working a room” have often failed to follow up on a business opportunity they sensed at them time.

Top 10 concerns I hear from my clients when walking into a business events:

  • Where do I start in this room of strangers and break the ice?
  • How do I create a good impression?
  • How do I make myself interesting?
  • When do I move from small talk to business?
  • How do I move on after a conversation?
  • How to I approach groups of people?
  • How do I ensure I don’t waste my time?
  • How will I manage if people ignore me?
  • What happens if no one talks to me?
  • How do I follow up after a conversation?
  • If you think any of these, then you are the same as everyone else.

    Networking is a process that leads to a trusting relationship, and then to real business. We all know that prospects don’t buy on the spot. Networking is a platform that leads future business. It is all about relationship building, not selling.

    I can help you to overcome these common concerns by guiding you through a few very easy techniques, that with a little practice will turn you into a Networking Superstar.

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