Business Development & Client Relationship Excellence Online Training


Great business relationship building is much more than business development, managing clients and monitoring their behaviours.  It has the potential to change the client relationship with a company and increase revenues in the process.

Relationship building is a business philosophy and a mindset.

This is professional skills course focused on the methods for developing and maintaining business relationships to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Who is this training for?


This course is for anyone looking to develop their professional sales skills and build the confidence to win more business. It is appropriate for all levels of experience and can be tailored to your requirements.



The course will be delivered in 3 modules of approximately 2 hours per part. I find that this length of online delivery gives the best learning outcomes, as well as allowing the office to run as normally as possible during a training day.


The modules are delivered over a time period to suit you and your business – usually a day or two apart. 

Practical Outcomes


Attendees will leave the course with a comprehensive and strategic understanding of the principles and techniques of effective business development as well as the skills, confidence and mindset to manage, meet and exceed your client’s expectations. 


You will be able to build rapport and trust quickly using simple and effective techniques whilst looking to add value to all relationships.

Enthusiastic, passionate about his work and willing to share his knowledge and experience is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about James. I’ve had the pleasure of attending his workshops on “Client Relationship Excellence” and “Advanced Business Development & Strategy”, during which James really helped me reach the next level. And, of course, his open-mindedness and outgoing personality really helped all of us enjoy these sessions on both a professional and personal level.


Gaelle Bernard, Director – Atoz, Tax Advisors, Luxembourg

You will learn


Part I – Introduction to Business Development & Relationship Excellence 


– The fundamentals of business development and the importance of know, like and trust

– The importance of client care in the business environment

– What is relationship management and development?

– Truly focusing on clients and working partners

– What is service excellence and what does it mean?

– What does great look like and how can we use this in our business?

– Client loyalty and super pleasing 

– Delighting your clients

Part II – Building a Great Relationship


– Establishing rapport and creating strong working relationships

– The client life cycle

– Building trust, authority and reputation

– Using an impactive and referable business message

– Differentiation and being memorable

– Characteristics of a great relationship and testing your relationships 

– Communicating with your clients and customisation 

– Giving to get mentality 

– Deliberate Acts of Relationship Enhancement (D.A.R.E™)

Part III – Developing Better Relationships 


– Questioning and listening skills

– Really knowing your clients 

– Asking for referral and being introduced to new contacts 

– A client relationship programme

– Understanding different client behaviours and styles

– Handling complaints and resolving difficult situations positively

– Putting it all together 

“James’ training is great! He engages extremely well with the group and gets his message across with clarity and passion. I thoroughly enjoyed training with James and would highly recommend it to any company looking to improve their current team’s process and delivery.”


Luke Marshall, Client Delivery Director, Oscar Energy, US

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