Are you so busy you have dropped the new business ball?

Are you so busy you have dropped the new business ball?

Are you so busy you have dropped the new business ball?


“How busy is your business with its current customer base at the moment? Are you flat out looking after them or are you looking for more work or are you doing a bit of both?


See, for most businesses when they are really busy they drop the ball with their new business work, they don’t potentially look for as much new business, they don’t look after people who are contacting them, they really don’t do the things that they should be doing because they’re busy.


Now, you know the market is busy at the moment and most of our clients are flat out, which is awesome but they must be seeking for new business.


There is situation I found myself understanding this morning which I think is amazing. There is a boiler company in our village who are so busy with their current customers that lots of people are asking them for quotes, you know replacing boiler systems that kind of thing and they don’t even bother to return calls, because they are busy.


If you are too busy to look after people who want to give you money stop and look at your systems. Of course look after your existing clients but a courtesy call, a small response to say look we are really sorry we can’t get back to you at the moment but we’d love to book an appointment for the future, you know simple stuff.


Anyway, hopefully that will give you something to think about today.


Have a great day”




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