Call the people who matter to you

Call the people who matter to you

Call the people who matter to you




“Sue Dormer, you said I don’t focus in on my dog enough when I’m making videos, so here’s coco for you. Lovely dog!


Random start to a video I guess but interesting conversation this morning at a networking event when Sue mentioned I didn’t show the dog enough in my videos, so hopefully that’s covered that problem for you…..


But, my thinking today in picking up the phone to make this video was how many times I talk to people who tell me that they look after their clients, tell me they do the very best things for their clients they can do. They are brilliant at service but they don’t keep in touch with people!


They don’t pick up the phone to touch with people, they don’t get, you know they don’t do the things that are so simple and so easy for us to do.


We should be contacting the people who matter to us exactly the same way we look after our family and speak with them. If we not talking to clients on the phone then they’re probably going to disappear….


That’s a hell of a shame isn’t it? So, perhaps that’ll give you something to think about today.


Pick up the phone and perhaps call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. I hope that helps.


Have a great day!”



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