Exceptional Service Delivery and Process

Taking your business forward to consistently deliver client service excellence is a simple 3 stage process:

STAGE 1: Identify the current situation

Where are you now? – a great starting point.


The sad reality is that service levels have been gradually declining across the majority of businesses for many years. Whilst this means that great service is often hard to find, it provides a great opportunity for you to give your clients an experience that far exceed their expectations.


Working together we will examine where your business is now, scrutinise the client experience and identity any pitfalls and areas for improvement. This will help us to design a service framework to be cultivated.


Service excellence comes from thinking differently and acting intentionally.

STAGE 2: Design a Service Strategy

Every interaction with a client is the opportunity to delight. We call these interactions touch points.


Working together, we will put together a cohesive service strategy based on understanding your client’s needs, your client’s expectations and your business offering. Not only will this drive discussion in throughout your business, but allow us to put together the right programme for you.


Providing outstanding service is not limited to those delivering for clients, but reaches into all aspect of the business, affecting a client’s entire experience. It is important to consider non-fee earning and non operational staff at this stage.

STAGE 3: Strategy Execution and Delivery Programme

Implementing and executing the strategy may involve a number of initiatives including up-skilling and refocusing of your people. This may include facilitated workshops, group working and one-to-one coaching.


Based on our discussions and insights gleamed from the initial stages of the process, a programme will be developed specific to your business and your people. No two programmes are the same, just as no two business are the same, and no two clients are the same.


Programme delivery is designed to fit seamlessly into the running of your business, and to ensure maximum ROI to you.


I’d love to chat with you about your business.


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