Do you remember when learning was fun? – Acquiring new business skills

Do you remember when learning was fun? – Acquiring new business skills

As an adult, learning a new task is something that can be so very easy or so incredibly tough. Why is that? Surely if we decide that we want to learn something, then we just get on an learn it.

If it was just that simple.

Learning used to be fun

Do you remember when learning was easy, and fun? If you watch young kids learn a new task, they struggle at first, persist with lots of encouragement, and then get it right. Then, the reaction is sensational, they get excited.

This week my wife and I have decided to toilet train our 2 year old daughter, Ella. It’s not a nice job and one that we have been able to put off to now, but no longer. And as much as I was dreading it (I will spare you the details) I have actually really enjoyed it. The reason – when Ella gets it right, the excitement is unbelievable. She is truly delighted with herself. And I have learnt so much from that.

We forget what learning is all about

Lets translate this into business learning. It is so easy to forget what learning is all about. It isn’t just about the acquiring of new skills. It is also about the journey of learning. If we are taught in the best way we will enjoy the subject and the learning, and come away with a whole new understanding.

We all remember the teachers we liked at school. They tended to be the ones who brought a subject to life. They were the ones who encouraged us the most, understood where we needed extra help attention, and made it fun.

Business development skills

For most professionals, business development skills are something that we all know we need, but many find incredibly tough. We are expected to go out and market ourselves and our firms, but few truly know where to start. We forget about the journey of learning, and head straight to getting the skills.

Next time you go to start new learning, think about the journey. Try to find a way to enjoy what you have to learn and then get on with having fun. When we enjoy what we do we learn that much better.

I believe that unless you enjoy what you do, you shouldn’t do it at all.

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