Ep11 – The Get Off Your A**E and Happiness Edition with Brad Burton [Explicit Language Warning]

Ep11 – The Get Off Your A**E and Happiness Edition with Brad Burton [Explicit Language Warning]

James chats with Brad Burton, the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker, who left school with no qualifications, spent years on benefits before starting his own business in 2006.


With £25,000 of debt he was delivering pizzas at weekends to help keep his business afloat. 10 years on, that business; 4Networking, now runs over 5,000+ business networking meetings each year with 1000’s of members.


Brad is also the highest rated & reviewed 5* Amazon business author. With four best-selling business books under his belt, he knows his stuff.


They chat about gold envelopes, networking, get rich quick schemes, making mistakes, being a better you and happiness.


Contact Brad:


web: www.bradburton.com
Twitter: @BradBurton
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheBradBurton

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James Nathan: 00:55 Hello and welcome to the only one business show with me, your host, James Nathan. I have got a sensational guest for you today. This gentleman is the UK’s number one motivational business speaker. However, he left school with no qualifications, spent years on benefits before starting his own business in 2006. With £25,000 in debt, he was delivering pizzas at weekends to keep his business afloat. 10 years on that business 4Networking now runs over 5,000 business networking meetings each year with thousands of members. He’s also the highest rated and reviewed five star Amazon business author with four bestselling books under his belt. This guy really knows his stuff. Please welcome Brad Burton. Brad, how are you?


Brad Burton: 01:42 How are you doing champ?


James Nathan: 01:43 Yeah, I’m excellent thank you. That’s a hell of a start in life and a hell of a business you’re running now. Are you still doing that many business meetings is 4Networking that big still.


Brad Burton: 01:52 Yeah. You know what, I’m not actually involved on a day to day basis. I’ve actually got our management team and the business has been going for 13 years. And the interesting thing here Jim is that a 94% of businesses fail in the first 10 years. I’ve been going for 14 now 13 with 4Networking and I think what happened is year nine, nobody realizes this, but year nine, I ended up, kind of putting a management team in place that will handle the day to day for the next year. And if at the end of that year, the company was on the up, I would step back if it was on the way down, I’d step back in. And it was 21% off, so they didn’t need me anymore. So. I’m still majority shareholder,


James Nathan: 02:36 but the secret is step away. …


Brad Burton: 02:38 Yeah. You know, I spent three months retired, so I was playing the playstation four, going to the gym, walking the dog every day, and then three months later when now what? That’s really what really kind of got the catalyst for my next, you know, the next few years and the rest of my life. It, I suppose because I realized something that is more to business than business. You know, if you think about any director, any business that you go into help, you’re looking at profit and loss. You’re looking at you know investments and this kind of stuff. And actually what it never shows on a P&L sheet is how happy the directors are, or the workforce. And that’s kind of a KPI, the likes of which I’ve kind of been integrated into my world. So it’s not about how much money I make, it’s about how happy I am. Because ultimately every single decision that we make in life is about making us happy. And if those decisions are making you…. causing you to be unhappy, then you’re doing it wrong.


James Nathan: 03:32 Fantastic. What’s the big secret to the success of that other business? Because I want to get back to you what you’re doing now, Brad, that’s a really sensational setup, that one. Why is it so good?


Brad Burton: 03:45 I think it’s because it’s fundamentally different. I think that’s the… you know, when I started 4Networking off I was in a congested marketplace, you know, lots of rival organizations and they’re all insular. So what will happen is a, let’s say for the sake of this argument, a Clapham Common networking group would meet there every Friday night and the same people would meet and that’d be it. What we’ve done with 4Networking is create a national network. So every single group I’ve been this morning to Glastonbury, I headlined at Glastonbury 4Networking. Then on Thursday I’m going to 4Networking Bridgewater, which is where it started.


Brad Burton: 04:23 So I think next week I’m in Manchester. So as a member of 4Networking, you don’t join one group, you join the network and no one’s ever pulled that off before. And you know, one of the things that started 4Networking off back in 2006 was 50% social, 50% business. And it works. And back in the day people were saying, Oh, I’ve got that wrong. You know, it needs to be 80% business and 20% social. And actually I was on social networking in business before anyone else was really. That because social networking never existed. And then, you know, I looked here and I thought, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Brad Burton: 04:53 If the buyer doesn’t like the seller it’s going nowhere. And the whole thing about business was so formulaic in that people just turned up and was, you know, and what do you do? Hedge funds, hedge funds, hedge funds. And that’s really interesting. Here, take my card and if I get any referrals I’ll give you 10% and it was just, it seemed to take the people out of the network. And what we’ve done is put people and the heart back in business networking.


James Nathan: 05:14 So, I mean people buy people, we all know that, it’s the most overused words in the sales world, but it doesn’t change. People are always going to want to work with people that they like. So I like that concept of being able to go anywhere though. That really makes sense to me.


Brad Burton: 05:33 So you know, the way it works is if you’re in Manchester on business, you arrange appointment at 11 o’clock and come to 4Networking between eight and 10 and then all of a sudden you’re the new boy, so nobody actually knows you. So you could be the Mr Cool in your region, then you go outside the region and nobody knows who you are. So this gives you the opportunity to, you know, relocate, to build a national business using our platform. You know, you’ve got LinkedIn, great, and it’s online, but where’s the real people? So ultimately it’s about meeting, it’s about people. And that’s what 4Networking does. But like I say, I’m not involved in that. Even though majority shareholder, I’m not involved day to day on it anymore, but it’s a wonderful legacy piece. And, you know, from my perspective, even, I kind of pinched myself as to the longevity of this thing and how it just continues to build.


James Nathan: 06:19 So you spent some time off of people who know, you will know that you don’t look the kind of bloke Brad who sits still for very long. And you must have been going crazy. There’s so much playstation and gym you can do. What were you thinking in that time you think, you know, right. I want to build another business or to do something else. How did you come to what you’re doing now?


Brad Burton: 06:41 So if you look at everything that I’ve ever done, I was told every step of the way It’ll never work like genuinely. So whether it was 4Networking, told it was never work. The bank manager laughed in my face, didn’t have enough working capital. When I started writing books, once again, literary agent said, you can’t call a book Get Off Your Arse. I said, why not? It’s an offensive title and you won’t get it in Waterstones. It’s stocked in Waterstones as are the other four books or three books. When I said I’m gonna become a motivational speaker. People said, you can’t. I said, why not? Well, you look like a drug dealer. You know, I’m not, by the way, not anymore, but you know, it every step, every step of the way, every step of the way, people tell me that, you know, I couldn’t do these things.


Brad Burton: 07:22 And for me, if I look at what I’ve done in the business networking space, I changed the entire national footprint of business networking. No one’s ever done a joined up network. No one’s ever done that. And actually people laughed at me when I said that. One of the things I’m doing now is I am doing that same kind of disruption that I did in the business networking space with the personal development world. See, for too long, there’s been so much of this culture of bouncing people into courses that they can ill afford. Cause what ends up happening is you watch some Facebook video of some 26 year old kid getting out of a Lamborghini, walking with confidence and swagger and then behind him he’s got, you know, six playgirl models in bikini’s dancing with a mansion behind.


Brad Burton: 08:11 And people sit up and listen to that bullshit because they believe that, you know, that’s what you need for people to listen nowadays. And this whole world’s got a little bit crazy. So I’m doing it the other way, I’m saying avoid all this stuff, because you know, how easy would it be for me to do a course and a video and all that sort of stuff and say, hey, why don’t you come on my course, the 10,000 pound on my masterclass, or a retreat or whatever it be. And over the course of the three days you’ll learn the secrets about creating a national network. What you would omit from that, that whole approach would be the fact that I was doing 40,000 miles a year. I was three stone overweight because it was on the road and I’ve been five cans of red bull a day.


Brad Burton: 08:52 I’d got type two diabetes, I had a nervous breakdown. My marriage was on its knees. I had legal problems and I was near bankrupt. You wouldn’t mention on the video, but you would mention all this sort of stuff about the 5,000 meetings. Now I am looking at this whole personal development world and I am doing it the same way that I went into a space what was congested, congested market and I’m doing it different. I am now focused on changing the personal development world positively because I believe it’s been up it’s own arse. I believe it’s been self-serving. So now I’ve come into the space with my Now What? I’m doing Now What? Events every quarter and Now What club? Private members club and also my cards on the table. So the whole raft of daft ideas which they’re only daft ideas if they don’t work, all my ideas seem to work now. And it was funny because when I started my business off, as I said, nobody took me seriously. And, and that’s great because everyone underestimate me. And I think that the thing is now I’ve got a track record, nobody underestimates me anymore. And so my focus, my next 10 year plan is to completely change this personal development world so that it stops people getting ripped off and walking themselves down into these environments that they can afford.


James Nathan: 10:05 Yeah, you hit on something really interesting there. Well, apart from the snake oil salesman that you know, the only people who get rich at those events tend to be the ones running them. And you hit on something really interesting then when you talked about, you know, that kind of YouTube generation. Every time I pick up the the mic to do this podcast, Brad, I feel old. Cause I look at my kids and I think, you know, you get what you work for. And that’s how the world is and all they see is, you know, kids running around with the latest of everything because their dad’s got a studio. They neglect to tell you that, you know, they’re only good on YouTube because their father used to work for Disney and runs all the stuff.


Brad Burton: 10:47 James, James, James, James. Perfect. You are so true because people admit this, that their father, like you say, works with Disney and therefore he’s got the wealth or Dad’s car or whatever because I tell you something, it would be all too easy for me to have a photograph or a video of me straddling a jet. I promise you I was actually that close to doing this. I nearly signed off on a project to do this of me getting in helicopters and stuff just to prove the point and actually do the video. For one minute, paint a picture, paint a picture of all this and then turn on the say you’ve just been blagged. That’s hired. This is bullshit. And actually, you know, one of the things I look at with my life and it saddens me thought, it really just sadden me, I’ll give you an example of this, right?


Brad Burton: 11:32 So I did something at one of my Now What Lives, I made the point and everyone as they came in got the opportunity to choose an envelope and there was a hundred envelopes or whatever the number was, a hundred envelopes. There’s one for everyone and there’s one gold envelope, right? And actually I’ll say it was midway through, I’ve been hyping up, that was at lunchtime. I’ve been hyping up all day saying of these envelopes contain something that is life changing, that is gonna change your life forever. So I’ve been hyping this up and at lunch time. I said, right, go and get an envelope. Okay guys, everyone, I want you to go to the back of the room rather than, rather than, you know, cause people who are at the front of the room, it’d be easier. Everyone goes to the back of the room and make your way to the envelope.


Brad Burton: 12:11 Everyone’s running like fuck to get one these envelopes, they run, somebody grabbed the gold envelope and then we go for lunch and I said, do not open them. Come back from lunch and said, right, who’s got the gold envelope, a lady came up? Caroline, come up, give her a big round of applause, wow…. I said, so tell me did you choose the gold envelope? Well, like you said, one of them was life changing. It just stood out. This, that and the other. I said, open the envelope in front of everyone. She opened the envelope and show everyone what he says in it and it said, loser. Her face dropped.


Brad Burton: 12:38 I said something. I said, listen, don’t worry. We’re going to sort you something out but grab a seat and I said, everyone else open envelope and everyone opened envelope. I’m one of the 99 white ones. Somebody opened it and it said, winner come up here. Why did you choose that? I just did by random. I said, right here we go. Understand this. What just happened there is the bullshit that you believe that you’ve got lucky. That if I’d signed a cheque, that life-changing cheque for five or 10,000, cause let me tell ya, I could do that game completely. Thats not what I’m about. So I said the point is this, why did you choose the gold envelope? You chose it because I made you look at that gold envelope that that was the one. Now here’s the point and there’s another point to this so apart from this.


Brad Burton: 13:17 Imagine this. When you start out on a business, if you imagine a table full of envelopes and as you open an envelope, you look inside and it says loser. You throw that away. Then you open another one. It says loser, loser, loser, loser. You know, 50 envelopes in of it saying loser. And guess what happens? You Go, Oh fuck this. I’m going to go and do bitcoin. Or there’s a multilevel marketing here or I’ve heard that this is that. I know you’ve just walked away from it. That is what business is like. Is that in life you have to make mistakes. Now you could have some kid on Youtube that goes bosh. He opens his second envelope and in it says winner. And now what he’s doing is he’s going to youtube video and saying, hey guys, you’re going to learn the secrets of how I made $3 million in jus tsix months.


Brad Burton: 14:00 Now when you try to reproduce that, it doesn’t work. So here’s the thing, go and get any guru that you want. Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and go get them a big fucking pile of white envelopes and say, right, one of them’s a winner. Choose it. Go on. Choose it. They can’t. Why? Because there’s so many variables and this is the thing. So if you look at me and my network, I could sell that as a cost and have people rush in there to go my my frigging three day mastermind retreat over in Spain or whatever. And people will be paying money to learn the secrets and they seem to miss the very thing which is I was stupid enough to have nothing to lose. It had nothing to lose, so therefore I could afford the only thing I had, it was time. But people believed that it can pay a cheque and fast track the way to the front of the queue.


Brad Burton: 14:45 It doesn’t work like that. I’ll give you one more example before we can get on. Sorry. Imagine if you will. Jamie Oliver and myself in a 10 foot room. Jamie Oliver has got one kitchen and everything there and all the ovens and the sinks and all the ingredients and knives and I’ve got exactly the same. Back to back, he’s three foot away. Jamie Oliver gives me a two hour talking to about how to make a souffle. Then we’ve got to make the souffle. Then two hours after making it, I’ve got exactly the same kit and ingredients. We turn around. I open my oven and show everyone my souffle and he does the same. Which one tastes better? Jamie Oliver’s. Which one looks better? Jamie Oliver’s. Why? Because we’ve got the same ingredients, we’ve got the same recipe. The thing that people miss is 20 years of experience and people don’t want to hear this.


Brad Burton: 15:29 They want to hear it. You can go the Jamie Oliver course and have a picture with him and the next thing you’re doing fucking Jamie Oliver souffles, and this is the myth that is perpetuated by these people. And it’s worst than that because these turkeys that go along to these things are voting for Christmas. They want to do it. There’s a reason that beggars exist because people give them money if people didn’t give them money beggers would have to do something. It’s the same principle. And I think, like I say, I’m doing my utmost to try to steer people away from that and know that actually that is not the real world. And as you say with your children, they’re looking at these influencers with seven, 800 pound bags and make up this tech in 90 minutes to do, flawless. And they think that that’s the real world and it’s not, the real world is emptying fucking poo bags. Going into Sainsbury’s and thinking, shit, I’ve not brought a plastic bag with me and going back to your car for two of them. That’s the real world. Not driving around fucking Monaco in a Zonda with a playgirl in a chiffon dress. It’s just nonsense. But this is what we ended up buying into.


James Nathan: 16:26 Oh mate I’d love to step forward 30 years and see what these, what becomes of these people because there’ll be the next thing, you know, YouTube is only however old. It’s not old at all. And the next thing will come and where will they be? It’s not sustainable, but it’s all part of this instant world we live in, you know, everything’s available now and so everybody expects that they can have that and entitlement leaves, it’s gonna leave a big hole in the world and the economy in a few years time, it’s going to be tricky.


Brad Burton: 16:56 You know James, you know what’s really funny about this one, and it’s really sad as well, is that we compare our lives to these people and this bullshit, this highlight reel you see on Instagram or whatever it is. And I say to people, when a teach people that say, look, compare your life to you. I have done four years on benefits, have been addicted to drugs twice. I’ve got no qualifications, I started with business 25,000 pounds in debt, I owed money on dafted cars and televisions and credit cards and money, the cars and teles that I no longer owned. You know, it was hardly the idea of conditions and the only thing that’s changed for me now at 31 sorry, 46 and met at 31 is my mindset, right? I know going back in time….. The only thing that’s changed is the way that I look at the world and my brain is like a hard drive and in fact everyone’s brains like a hard drive and it depends on what software you’ve got loaded on their operating system.


Brad Burton: 17:43 And my operating system now is so much better than, you know, I can’t teach anyone to have a jet. I can’t. But what I can teach is people to be a better them. And that’s why I think do on a daily basis. That’s what I’m doing. By the way, you to answer the question. I felt like a politician now. But in answer to the question, that’s what I’m doing. I’m helping people become better versions of them, but I’m doing it in a manner which means they’re not getting striped up because of what happens with this. All this, this whole game. And I’ve looked at, I’ve looked at how people do it is that people assume because something’s so expensive it must work.


James Nathan: 18:15 It is definitely never the case. And you touched well, you didn’t touch on you, you pushed a really great point at the beginning about happiness because, you know, we’ve all done things for a lot of money. I used to, I used to work in town and run around like a blue arsed fly, you know, one day decided that actually I would like to see my children grow up. And for me it’s now about time.


Brad Burton: 18:37 James, how quaint, how quaint, wanting to see your children go up. Are you crazy? Or when you could make more money.


James Nathan: 18:45 I didn’t…. We all, we all know the truth of money, which is we only need as much as we need. And you know, the people who… if people want to chase it, go ahead, enjoy yourself. You know, for me a good holiday once a year with my family and you know, making sure the bills are all paid, we’re all well educated. That’s the stuff. What does happiness mean to you, Brad?


Brad Burton: 19:07 Hmm, great question. So let me tell you something. Every single decision that we make in our life, is to make us happy. So anyone who’s listening to this right now. Every single decision that you’ve ever made in your life ultimately is to make you happy. Now we make decisions for one of three reasons one for security, two for control or three for approval. But any decision that we make ultimately is about making us happy. For me, being happy is a mindset like, yesterday, yeah, yesterday, yesterday I was in a funk. Like, weird, like me, Brad Burton the UK’s number one business speaker says so on my website, you know, I was in a funk and I accepted that that was how had to be yesterday. And no amount of clever stuff or affirmations or sat there going Umm would have fixed it.


Brad Burton: 19:55 So I recognize that from whatever perspective is that, you know, that it just needed to pass. It always does. So for me, happy is being content in everything that you do or in what you do. See what ends up happening in life is that people start chasing stuff, believing that happy is in their 40 inch television, then a 60, then an 80, then a 100. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got stuff right, I’ve got stuff, I’ve got quite a lot of stuff. However that’s not, I’ve, I’ve sussed it out. Happy is about contentment. You know for me I’m happy about is about success. Success, not sickcess. Cause that’s why I ended up with sickcess. I was ill chasing this fucking world, this, this, this, this whole picture that has been presented about what an entrepreneur should be. And actually you know what a business owner should be.


Brad Burton: 20:41 And for me what a business owner should be is happy. And if your drive and ambition is causing you to be unhappy, unhealthy, then you’ve got sickcess, you’re ill and that’s what happened to me seven years ago. I had a nervous breakdown. Right. You know, I literally unraveled, I unraveled mentally and for two and a half years and I didn’t realize until I kind of look back at how long it was, two and a half years. I thought I broke myself forever. I thought, you know, that kind of x factor that I kind of bring I thought had gone. It took two and a half years to fix. So for me, being happy and having success is happy. And like literally it’s the core tenant of everything that’s done for – is what I’m doing making me happy. The answer’s no, don’t do it.


James Nathan: 21:29 When you talk about your business owners being happy, that’s one thing. But what about their staff? How does a business owner help their staff be engaged and happy in what they do?


Brad Burton: 21:41 So my staff I say can’t be asked working they go home, right. If they genuinely can’t be bothered working. They go home. They don’t have to fill out a form, or go and see HR, none of that. They just go home. So we ended up with a culture where, I remember when I worked in an office environment by two o’clock in the afternoon, you’re bored shitless don’t want to be there. You’re unproductive and you’re sat there for the next three and a half hours pretending, tapping away a keyboard. And it’s like, you know, five 29 you put the jacket on and piss off.


James Nathan: 22:19 You’re in the wrong job aren’t you if that’s the way you are behaving?


Brad Burton: 22:22 True story. If you’re dreading Monday mornings or weekends are going to fast. You’re in the wrong job. You’re in the wrong business, change something. So, for me, you know, I’m really honest with my staff and you know, I don’t sit there clock watching, I’m not arsed about input not bothered. They could, if they were, if they did the job in 10 minutes as long as the output correct, cool. You know, I think we kind of get misguided in life and business that, you know, 40 hour working weeks if you get the same result in four hours and actually get, you know, you start to go spend 36 hours doing family stuff and their happier, I’m good with that. Like genuine, which you know, is counterintuitive to probably everything that every HR law that exists out there. And that’s the problem that I probably run, which is, is great when it’s great and then when somebody starts taking the piss, then you’ve got yourself into unpick it and I recognize that, but I’m quite happy running my organization like this.


James Nathan: 23:14 Well, you’re obviously doing something right. And what, you talked about mistakes before about people making mistakes in business and since since 2006 when you know, obviously there’s your backstory which if people want to read about more that you cover in your books, its certainly well covered in the first book. Since 2006 you must have made some mistakes. Brad, you must have stuffed up a few things in business. What were they and what did you learn from them?


Brad Burton: 23:45 All right, let me tell you something. Let me tell you what I’ve learnt is this, an expert is someone who’s made all the mistakes in a particular niche field. Some people are scared of making a decision in case it’s a mistake. But let me say something, a mistake is only a mistake after the event. Up until that point it’s the correct decision. No one, including me. When someone says, you know what, I’m going to fuck up today. But occasionally I do. Now go back down to what I said, that your success or failure in your life is going to be defined by your ability to make decisions. Good ones, bad ones. Want most success, make better decisions. But the only time you always a good decision is after the event. So people labour on decisions, they’re not going to get any more data.


Brad Burton: 24:25 I don’t, I make a definitive decision and then live with the outcome. So for me, I’ve made some howlers, I’ve made some absolute howlers. So speaking for instance, is a great example of this as a motivational speaker. You know, I’ve been on stage 400 people there speaking for 45 minutes, 20 minutes in, drying up. I’ve got nothing for the next 25 minutes and I don’t know what to do, I’ve got stage fright, about five, six years ago and the fears kicked in. Now as a result of that, I now know what to do next time. I now know what to do next time. But most people would die on stage and say, you know what? I’m never doing that again. But why? There we go. What they learn from that. How can ever this in future. So I absolutely encourage mistakes in my organization, absolutely 100% encourage decisions and I encourage mistakes. And as long as you’ve learned from a mistake, it’s all right. It’s when you don’t learn from your mistakes. That’s the decision. So I’m good with decisions. I’m good with mistakes. Like genuinely, I like know the person that I know they are all part of what makes you an expert. So if you want to be an expert, make more mistakes.


James Nathan: 25:29 And if my little lad was sat here now, Brad? What would you tell him? He’s 12 years old, he’s just about to finish year seven at school. What would you tell him to do?


Brad Burton: 25:38 Wear a condom when he’s older.


James Nathan: 25:43 [laughs] Of all the things I didn’t expect you to say right now?


Brad Burton: 25:47 Well, James is probably one of the most, you know, when I go back onto what I said about making decisions. Yeah, right. You know, if you can live with the downside of any decision, you should make that decision. But once again, you look at that whole thing, there is a single bit of advice that young men ignore that its like the one where you end up with babies that you kind of, you was just having 10 minutes of fun now you’ve got yourself 18 years of a baby. So yeah, joke aside of being half facetious there. But you see what I’m saying? I would really like you look at a whole thing about making decisions about what I just said a second ago, you know that is one of those decisions that actually could have lifelong ramifications by not doing something for the sake of it. Anyway, so that’s that there.


James Nathan: 26:26 I was going to say I absolutely agree with you, but I also believe that we are, you know, when the product of our history and you know, I don’t think Brad Burton would be Brad Burton, if you hadn’t gone through what you had to go through to get to where you are now. So you know, some of the foolish stuff, you know, there’s that thing going around on Facebook, you know aren’t you glad that when we were kids there wasn’t, you know, there weren’t camera phones and I’m delighted they weren’t camera phones. I made some really stupid moves you know, but those things make you who you are today and yeah, you’re going to do dumb stuff.


Brad Burton: 26:59 Well let me, let me answer this question. Let me answer the question in a different way. So I am, the worst day of my life was in 1995 when I got two bullets put through my window in Manchester and I moved away from Manchester, my home of 21 years. I moved away and I moved to Somerset and genuinely that was the worst day of my life. And if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be talking to you now. There’d be no Brad Burton the motivational speaker, 4Networking, the books. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Nobody could have told me at the time, I wouldn’t have believed them. But looking back, it’s like everything happens for a reason. Even the shitty stuff. And so many of us like wants to turn back the hands of time to try change life or to do something differently. We can’t. So I wouldn’t change a single thing including those mistakes as long as you learn from them. So to your 12 year old is this, is to understand that things change and that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Even the shitty stuff. Sometimes it might take 20 years for it to make sense, but one day it’ll all make sense.


James Nathan: 28:07 And to somebody starting business today or people who are actually in business, Brad, what’s your, what’s your big thing? What’s your number one golden nugget that you would leave people with to make their businesses better today and better in the years to come?


Brad Burton: 28:22 Great, great call. Make sure that your dream is really your dream and it’s not something that you’re doing to prove a point to your dad who locked you in a coal shed when you was nine or to a teach who told you you’d never amount to anything and just make certain, because what ends up happening is we end up having, these dreams are so big and lofty based on this new social media world that you want jet and you want to be straddling it. That ends up becoming a nightmare because you never gonna realize that. So you always end up in a place which is not where you want to be. Make where you are, where you want to be. And I look at my life, like I say, I’ve got you know, I’ve literally got five bedroom house. I got one room that I don’t go in.


Brad Burton: 29:00 I wanted a 10 bedroom mansion, as my dream was a 10 bedroom mansion. And, I think if I to work really hard to get 10 bedroom mansion, guess what? I have six frigging rooms I don’t go in, you know? So the problem is futility, if at all. Just make certain that what you were chasing is really what you want. I don’t understand this to get to C where everyone wants to be. You’ve got to go via A and B. And I embraced the bit where it’s tough. A and B’s the bit where you deliver pizzas like I did, A and B is the bit where you literally don’t get paid for months. A and B is the bit where people don’t want to do that and all people want to do is get to the end result. And what I would say is having gone through a business and started a business with, you know, with nothing, I kind of wanted to a fast forward through that bit at the start, which is really tough. And looking back now, that was the best bit, you know, I’m not going to stick a business that is stable and I’m in a stable life. It’s nice to be there and it’s sort of wonderful not to be worrying about money anymore and have to scrimp and save anymore, you know? But that’s the fun bit and I didn’t realize that at the time I was so preoccupied with getting past this that I never took stock of where it was and how I got there.


James Nathan: 30:06 Right. That’s fantastic. Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you’re a very busy guy. It’s been great to have you on. Thanks for all your thoughts and all your advice. Fantastic.


Brad Burton: 30:17 Good man. I really enjoyed that friend.



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