Ep16 – The Stolen Identity and Communications Edition with Steve Bustin

Ep16 – The Stolen Identity and Communications Edition with Steve Bustin

James chats with Steve Bustin, a business communications specialist, helping business leaders to get their voices heard.


Through his business, Get Your Voice Heard, he works with individuals and senior teams who need to get their voices heard from the stage, in the media and within their organisation. He does this as a keynote speaker, coach and workshop leader.


He specialises in working with those in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and also working with marketing, PR and other agencies.


Steve started his career as a journalist for BBC TV and radio news, before founding and running PR agency Vada Media for 11 years. He was named UK Speaker of the Year in 2015 by The Professional Speaking Association and is the author of two books, The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking and The Authority Guide to PR for Small Business.


He’s also recently had his 15 minutes of fame when he discovered that he had unwittingly become the face of an online international dating scam.


They discuss the dark side of social media, communication and engagement,  good etiquette, going postal, how it all effects your business and its service, and how to become the lead character in a new book.


Contact Steve:


Web: www.getyourvoiceheard.co.uk
YouTube: Youtube.com/stevebustin
LinkedIn: Steve Bustin
Twitter: @steveinbrighton
Skype: stevebustin
Email: steve@getyourvoiceheard.co.uk
Phone: 020 7183 1096



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