Ep7 – The Human Engagement Edition Michelle Mills-Porter

Ep7 – The Human Engagement Edition Michelle Mills-Porter

James chats with Michelle Mills-Porter, an International Speaker, author and trainer specialising in motivation and collaboration.


What led her on this path was an unlikely event… she was caught in the Boxing Day Tsunami. It was in the aftermath of this catastrophic disaster that she learned the most amazing lessons about humanity. It is these lessons that have been distilled and transferred into tangible strategies for us to use in our business.


Michelle has created a suite of analyses to help people to understand themselves and each other on a deeper level, to achieve peak performance and unleash our potential. The most innovative is the People Reader which is an online analysis that you can perform on someone that you want to build rapport with, without any input from them. The result is an 8 page report that shows you how to engage with them, how to write to them and how to convert them into a client in the most effective way.


Michelle has won multiple awards as a business owner, and for Networking, Presenting and recently for Stand Up Comedy.


Contact Michelle:


Website: www.mmp.uk.com
Email: mmp@mmp.uk.com
Twitter: @mmillsporter
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/chelliemish



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