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Are you responsible for bringing in new work for your business? Winning new clients? Generating more revenue?


The need to win new client business has never been greater, yet most professional people are uncomfortable selling and asking for referrals. In fact, most of us think of ‘Sales’ as a dirty word.


Many businesses have excellent training departments and first rate systems to ensure that staff are always professionally up to date. But, very few formally train their staff in business development and the soft sales skills to help you get more clients, and get more from your existing client relationships.


The good news is that business development is coachable. But it there is no magic bullet or overnight solution. To be done right, to achieve a lasting, demonstrable result, a structured programme is what’s needed.

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By reaching this page you have established that your business could benefit from some expert advice to help you achieve your potential.


So often the solution you require is not obvious from the start and would be better tackled with an individual and tailored approach.2


As long as you know where you want to be and have the commitment to take action then an academy solution will work.


To date I have helped hundreds of clients achieve far more than they ever felt possible in the UK, Europe and US.

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