Holidays are coming! What a great time to network

Holidays are coming! What a great time to network

With ‘silly season’ well and truly upon us, many are thinking of the wasted working weeks coming up, where their clients aren’t around to speak with, or are too busy being entertained and entertaining to think about new business.


I must say I have to differ.


This time of the year is a great time and a fantastic opportunity to get out and spend time networking with our clients. After all, people are expecting to be using the pre-Christmas time in this way, so why not take full advantage of it?


My diary is full in December. Full of appointments to catch up with clients new and old. Full of opportunities to make new acquaintances and to enjoy building relationships with those I already know. Why not fill yours up too?


Networking is a term that evokes lots of different feelings in people. Some with dread, some with fear, and some with opportunity. The truth is that most people don’t really enjoy networking in a formal context.


This time of year is generally more social, and networking in a social context is a really good way for those of you who don’t enjoy networking to do it in a softer environment.


So if you are not thinking ‘networking’ this December, here is a short check list of things to be doing to get your diary busy and get out there meeting people in what is generally a very social time of year.


Look back though your diary and billings list, and identify who you have been to meet and who has engaged your services this year.


Block out some diary time to be meeting clients.


Get on the phone to them, catch up, thank them for the business you have enjoyed this year and organise to meet.


Go out to meet them, and enjoy it at the same time.


And while you’re at it, why not think about other people in your client’s business who you would like to meet, and ask your client to bring them along too?


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