Keynote Presentations

‘The Only One’


Good Service is a given, and great service gets talked about. But outstanding, amazing service is something your customers will shout about.


Being the best at what you do is no longer good enough. In a world where your competition is literally a click away, being one of many gets you nowhere. You need to be the only one people talk about, the only one people recommend.


This thought provoking session has audiences enthralled from the very start as they discover the power of delight that comes from thoughtful personalisation, and excellent service, as well as gaining practical examples that have instant application in their business lives.


This speech delivers immediately actionable outcomes and the opportunity for long term positive change.


Perfect for any business looking to dramatically improve their referral, service and conversion rates.


As with all my presentation, the content will be tailored to your specific business situation, and event objective.


You can’t be just one. You have to be the only one!

“A very powerful, very thought provoking talk from James Nathan using real life experiences to promote the value of giving the ultimate service and experience for our clients/customers. Well done James, superb job.”


Richard Knight, CEO – Lionheart Management

‘D.A.R.E.™ – Deliberate Acts of Relationship Enhancement’


Great business is built on great relationships, great relationships with the right people. What are you doing in your business to enhance these relationships – to really make them special, personal and productive.


How are you serving your clients and how well? How much value are you adding, and how easy are you to work with?


True service excellence is a mindset, a philosophy and total company business methodology. It is what makes Harley, Disney, Shangri La, Le Manior and so many more so talk-able. They don’t care about satisfaction, they only care about delight.


Make your business truly talk-able, truly remarkable, truly amazing. D.A.R.E to be different.


‘Referral Revolution®’


We all love getting referrals, and for the majority of us it is the perfect way to get new business. However, very few businesses have the systems and processes in place to encourage and grow referral rates and capitalise on the power of word of mouth.


Referral Revolution® is a total business methodology which addresses and significantly increases incoming referral rates through the virtuous circle of Referrals – Clients, Colleagues and Community.


Engaging with and educate your Clients to refer the right kind of prospects through amazing service, super soft selling and an effective referrals process. Harness the secret sales force that already exists within your business and capture the potential of Cross-selling to your existing client base. Build effective and trusting strategic relationships whilst expanding your network and spreading the right referable message.


Let me help you learn to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and dramatically grow your inbound referral rates, whilst building trusting client relationships. Make you and your business totally referable.


‘The S Word’ – Super Soft Selling™


It’s never been just good enough to be great at what you do, you need to be great at selling what you do, too.


In a world where the phone just doesn’t ring like it used to we need to engage and market to people more than ever. Very few people like to be sold to, and most of us don’t like to feel like they are selling either.


This enlightening presentation explores the art of super soft selling, the art of understanding your client’s needs and providing the right solution at the right time. Modern day selling, that is easy to use in the real world and above all it works!


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