Make an impact! – giving memorable business presentations

Make an impact! – giving memorable business presentations

This is the fourth and final instalment in a short series of looking at what makes an effective presentation. It is specifically focused on professionals presenting to their clients, new and old.

We are well prepared, we are in the best possible state to present, we are connected with our audience. Next step: Make an impact!

Be memorable

What use is making a presentation if at the end no one remembers you or it? If you do nothing else, you must leave the audience knowing who you are and what the key thing is that you wanted to tell them.

I have seen so many people speak in all sorts of different contexts, and only a few have stuck with me. Sure, I can remember bits and pieces of all of them, but that all.

What are the tricks used by the best? How do you create IMPACT?

Here are a few things to consider when making your next presentation:

  • Use influencing language
  • Use metaphors
  • Tell a story (the presentation should have a beginning, middle and end)
  • Elicit states in the audience
  • Use satir catagory patterns (difficult to show on paper, but well covered in my courses)
  • Use varied language styles – volume, speed, tone, emphasis, pauses

And whatever you do – Do something that stands out! It doesn’t matter what this is, just do it!

Presentations can be great fun, and if you follow the advice in the blogs in this series, you will start to enjoy them too. All blog posts are available to download from my website. Before you make your next presentation, plan ahead, and think about how you will put this learning to good use.

I hope that you have found this useful, and if you would like to get in touch to discuss this area please do.

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