Management and Leadership Online Training


The move from an operational role to management is an exciting as well as bewildering time in anyone’s career. Not only are there the obvious time management issues, but with staff come a vast number of other issues and problems to address too.


Then, once you have the basics under your belt, there are a vast range of skills to learn as you become more experienced.

Who is this training for?


This course is for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills and build the confidence in operational leadership. It is appropriate for all levels of experience and can be tailored to your requirements.



The course will be delivered in 3 modules of approximately 2 hours per part. I find that this length of online delivery gives the best learning outcomes, as well as allowing the office to run as normally as possible during a training day.


The modules are delivered over a time period to suit you and your business – usually a day or two apart. 

Practical Outcomes


Attendees will leave the course with a comprehensive and strategic understanding of the principles and techniques of effective leadership as well as the real world skills to make a difference to their roles immediately.

James ran an interactive course designed to help new and aspiring managers take control of their new roles, and provide them with the understanding and skills necessary to become a great success. He provided excellent guidance to help make sure you are doing the right thing but also many more tips and advice with the more difficult situations that you will encountered as a Manager.


I would highly recommend James to any company or organisation and so highly that I will be having a follow up in a few weeks with James. He’s an excellent presenter, I really enjoyed the interaction and hearing about his experiences.


Robyn Hvidsten, Head of Operations – Advanced Discovery

You will learn


Part I – Introduction to Great Leadership 


– The Leader’s role

– What make a great leader

– The core challenges and objectives of leadership

– Managers Vs Leaders

– The 3 dimensions of leadership

– Motivating, coaching and mentoring

– Using praise

– Understanding learning styles and how different people learn

Part II – You and Your Team


– Working with individuals

– Using praise and feedback

– Running effective team meetings and 1 to 1 sessions

– Models for goal setting

– Time management, prioritisation and delegation

Part III – Personality Styles and Leadership Secrets


– Introduction to personality style and types

– Working with different personalities

– Work masks

– Working effectively with the 5 toughest personality styles

– The secrets of great leadership

“James provided myself & the Oscar US leadership team with an excellent quality training course on leadership & management. The training was insightful, engaging, & very interesting. The content was extremely helpful & useful for us to implement in our day-to-day, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the course. I would definitely recommend utilizing James when training up your team. Thanks again James! ”


Chander Harting – Lead Consultant, Oscar Energy, US

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