Don’t be a mug!

Don’t be a mug!

Not calling people back and missing opportunities in the process


“Does your business bother to return phone calls?


I mean those calls where people ring and you know they just leave a message saying that they were being referred to them or they wondered if they could get a call back.


You see, I’m in a strange position at the moment where I’m speaking to accountants because I’m looking for a new accountant. I’ve spoken to a few and had interesting conversations with them and I’ve left messages for others. In fact, one in particular I’ve been recommended to, I’ve left three messages and not a single time have I had a call back.


Now, I spend my life helping people build business. I’ve spent my life helping professional people grow their businesses and get more clients. If you don’t bother to return phone calls because you don’t know who has called you, you’re a mug. I mean seriously you’re a mug.


You try like hell to get new clients and when people phone you up and they want to give you work, you don’t bother calling them back.


Now hopefully this will give you something to think about have a look at your business today are you returning the calls that are being made to or you treat them like spam emails. If someone takes the time to phone you, take the time to call them back.


Anyway, have a great day.”




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