Super Soft Selling™ Online Training


Super Soft Selling ™ is comprehensive consultative sales skills workshop, delivered online and designed to build confidence, overcome fears and concerns and provide real world skills specifically for a business services environment.


The focus is on a consultative and soft selling approach whilst building lasting and trusting client relationships. 

Who is this training for?


This course is for anyone looking to develop their professional sales skills and build the confidence to win more business. It is appropriate for all levels of experience and can be tailored to your requirements.



The course will be delivered in 3 modules of approximately 2 hours per part. I find that this length of online delivery gives the best learning outcomes, as well as allowing the office to run as normally as possible during a training day.


The modules are delivered over a time period to suit you and your business – usually a day or two apart. 

Practical Outcomes


You will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques of consultative soft selling. You will be able to build long term working relationships with your clients, whilst improving conversion rates. 

“Our research and sales groups recently participated in James’ sales training program. It was really fantastic, comprehensive and personally beneficial for my goals in sales around building long-term client relationships – I can’t wait to start applying what I learned!


James speaks with authority on his topics and runs a tight ship as he presents. He kept our rowdy group in order and we all had nothing but great things to say about his recommendations. Could not have enjoyed it more!


Kathryn Taylor, Executive Consultant – 6 Group Houston

You will learn


Part I : An Introduction to Super Soft Selling™


– Understanding the benefits of a consultative selling approach

– Fundamentals of business development

– The art of soft selling and the importance of know, like and trust

– Establishing rapport and building trust

– Understanding a client’s needs and selling benefits

– What makes a customer buy?

– The stages of a sales model 

Part II – Business Targeting and Message


– Your message and differentiation

– Understanding why customers should use you

– Identifying your ideal target client and target market

– Building an effective business development action strategy

– Communicating with your customers and using language skills

– Preparation before a call/meeting with a new/potential customer

– Listening and questioning skills and identifying opportunities

Part III – Proactive Business Development


– Approaching potential customers and being introduced

– Using the phone Vs email etc

– Introductory calling and getting to the right person

– The relationship development process

– Running effective customer meetings

– Building authority and reputation 

“Thank you James for conducting an amazing Sales Workshop on business development strategies and techniques. I really appreciated your enthusiasm for teaching us creative ways to engage with clients as well as building relationships for the future. You made the work shop fun and engaging! I would recommend taking one of James workshops in the future!”

Tammy Gilmartin – SoftwareOne

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