Passion, Commitment and Resilience – Success in a tough market

Passion, Commitment and Resilience – Success in a tough market

Two things have really struck a chord with me this week.

I’ve just finished reading Tom Reynolds’s book ‘Blood, Sweat and Tea’ following his life in the London Ambulance Service. It is a great read and I continue to be amazed by the commitment shown by people like him in the NHS, working madly long hours in difficult conditions, and seemingly having his time wasted over and over again. Tom shows amazing passion for his job, commitment to the service and resilience every day.

The other: I went to the cinema to see TT3D, a story following last year’s TT races on the Isle of Man. I am crazy about motorbikes and motorsport so this was a must see film for me. But, apart from the action and amazing cinematography, I was completely overwhelmed by the human story of the riders. Each and every one taking to the road in order to give their all to a sport which ultimately might take their lives. It shows amazing passion and commitment, as well as resilience. Even after the most horrible crashes, and long physical rehab, they get back on their bikes and do it all again.

I’ve talked a lot before about the similarities between sport and business, particularly in hard trading times. Tom’s story rings all the same bells as well. There are very important lessons for us all to take from both people like Tom and the TT riders.

It is impossible to give your all to something you are not passionate about. It is one of the key personality traits I look for when hiring staff, they need a passion. And if you have a passion for something, then you can be passionate about business. When times are tough, the most passionate find the energy to get on with it. Mix this with commitment and resilience, and you have the foundations for success. Without commitment there is no drive. Without resilience, you will get nowhere fast.

In a competitive and tough market, there are going to be numerous knock backs and closed doors. But, there are going to be many welcoming conversations and open doors if you look hard enough.

Find or rekindle the passion for what you do, give your total commitment to making it a success, and don’t let the knock backs get in the way. Bounce back, be resilient and find that next new client. They are out there waiting to meet you.

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