Please stop trying to sell by email

Please stop trying to sell by email

Please stop trying to sell by email


“So many emails trying to sell you stuff, what is going on?


Don’t people understand that my delete button is just the same as everybody else’s delete button. If you’re trying to sell things to people by emailing them and then following up saying “I sent you an email last week and hope you got and are you interested in buying from me?”, then you are on a hiding to nothing.


There is nothing good about that sales technique. It doesn’t do anything for your reputation and it certainly doesn’t work.


If you want to sell things to people you have to contact them, you have to see them, you have to speak to them, you have to engage with them, you have to find out what they need and provide them with a solution.


Just emailing constantly: particularly service providers, you know, it’s a constant thing at the moment every time I open my inbox someone is trying to sell me something and it’s not product it’s service, it just doesn’t work.


Anyway hopefully that I’ll give you something to think about today, have a great day.”



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