Presentation Skills Training

This Presentation Skills Training Workshop is like nothing you have been on before. It is very hands on and is designed to teach you how to make truly impactive and effective  presentations.


This is not an acting course, it is real world business presenting taught in a simple and effective way that you can go and use right away, be it in a business meeting or on a stage to several hundred!


The focus is on practical techniques covering all aspects of presenting with tips to build confidence in front of clients and audiences generally.

“Presentation Skills Training with James was very enlightening. He covered a wide range of topics within the presentation umbrella that everyone could benefit from. His style of teaching was very relaxed and allowed for us all to engage with him. The team learnt a lot from the training session and were keen to start putting it into practice. I would not hesitate to recommend James to other companies.I did have a great time during your presentation. I found it informative, fruitful and inspiring. You really did an outstanding job of sharing your experience. It will help me to develop confidence, skill and mindset.”


Neil Edwards, VP Finance – MoneyGram International

Who is this training for?


The course offers training for any professional people looking to develop their presentation skills and confidence. It is appropriate for all levels of experience and can be tailored to your requirements.

Practical Outcomes


You will leave the course with the skills and techniques necessary to present professionally and confidently whilst engaging fully with an audience.

You will learn:


  • Understanding how audiences learn and buy
  • What makes an effective presentation
  • Useful memory systems
  • Being fully prepared
  • Getting yourself in the best state to present
  • Building confidence and being you
  • Emotional states and being memorable
  • Working with client perception and language
  • Engaging and connecting with your audience
  • Body language and stagecraft
  • How to make a total impact
“Our team benefited from James’s presentation workshops late last year and the immediate conclusions were that you can take so much practical knowledge from a fun and interactive delivery. James has a very personable style built on an impressive professional background and he tailors his approach to each member of the audience. His knowledge and instruction is such that months after a course you can recall techniques like they were picked up yesterday. I highly recommend anyone in a customer facing role take up the chance of working with James.”

Jonathan Beech, Managing Partner – Migrate UK

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