Referral Revolution®

We all love getting referrals, and for the majority of us it is the perfect way to get new business. However, very few businesses have the systems and processes in place to encourage and grow referral rates and capitalise on the power of word of mouth.

The Referral Revolution®



Referral Revolution® is a total business methodology which addresses and significantly increases incoming referral rates through the virtuous circle of Referrals –  The 3C’s:


Engaging with and educating your Clients to refer the right kind of prospects more often through the Client’s journey, amazing service, super soft selling and an effective referrals process.



Harness the secret sales force that already exists within your business and capture the potential of Cross-selling to your existing client base. Dramatically improve internal networking and cross department referral rates.



Build effective and trusting strategic relationships whilst expanding your network and spreading the right referable message. Learn to build and share meaningful and authoritative content that sells.


Praise for the Referral Revolution®



“Brilliantly effective, a no brainer and easy to implement.”


Rohit Talwar, Futurist, Strategic Advisor, Author and Keynote Speaker


“I would not hesitate to recommend James as a trainer or speaker for your event. He was a keynote for me at the Bookkeepers Conference and shared his ‘Referral Revolution’ system. The feedback from the delegates was fantastic, but more relevant was those that I mentor who took ‘action’ on the expertise shared and actually experienced an improvement with the referrals they receive. This guy is practical with his thoughts to help implement a system that works.”


Mike Foster – Commercial Director – The Bookkeepers Alliance 


“Just heard James talking about his referral revolution process. Very impressed. The audience focused on his every word as he was evidently speaking with authority.


I wasn’t sure how much I would learn today but I was blown away by James enthusiasm for his topic. And by the wealth of tips and insights he shared during his talk today. I learned plenty. And less experienced audience members learned even more. And we all enjoyed James style and approach.


I am pleased to highly recommend James talk on The Referral Revolution.”


Mark Lee – Speaker, Facilitator and Mentor for Accountants and Treasurer Magic Circle


“Thanks so much for this morning. It was helpful and interesting. I’ve been struggling to ask a great long term client about referrals. Following your session, I understand why – and what to do about it.


Thank you for being so generous with your time & expertise. “


Helen Lamb, Strategic HR Consultancy and Business Partnering



Let me help you learn to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and dramatically grow your inbound referral rates, whilst building trusting client relationships. Make you and your business totally referable.



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Referral Revolution