S3E7 The Magical Significance Edition with Jon Petz

S3E7 The Magical Significance Edition with Jon Petz

James chats with Jon Petz, a professional performer, keynote speaker and author. Jon helps teams maintain the mindset and desire to perform at their very best.


His background is as a corporate executive turned business magician, who has performed from Las Vegas to Paris to Sydney Opera House in Australia. He’s the author of three business books and his ideas have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CNBC, Success Magazine, and many, many more.


His third book the Significance of Simple Moments has gone through six printings and focuses on the human connections that you make to achieve significance.


They discuss Miracles and Magic, the lost art of human communication, purpose, standing in for David Copperfield, and being significant.


Contact Jon:


Email: info@jonpetz.com
Phone: + 1(614) 456-3072
Facebook: Jon Petz Motivational Keynote Speaker & Conference Emcee
Twitter: @jonpetz
Instagram: jonpetzlive



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