Personal Branding

Personal Branding


How do your clients and prospective clients view you? What is your reputation? How to make sure you are maximising your opportunities to build your profile online? You have a brand, but what are you doing with it?

A lot is written about personal branding, but what does it mean, and how to you build a great personal and business brand.



Practical Outcomes


Attendees will leave the session with a comprehensive and strategic understanding of the principles and techniques of effective personal branding.


The course focuses on practical tips and advice to increase your personal brand both online and offline.



You will learn:


– An introduction to building an excellent personal brand

– Selling you

– Differentiating and standing out in the marketplace

– Building an authentic and authoritative online presence

– Social media and you

– Using blogging and content online

– Networking and industry groups




“James’s training on Personal Branding gives the tools you did not think of in order to render yourself and your business as visible as you possible, but also concrete reasons and incentives to do it, and do it well! Highly recommended.”


Bérengère Vigneron, Associate – Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Brussels 



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