Recruitment Training


Having spent a large part of my professional life in the recruitment sector, I am acutely aware of what it takes to make a business grow and then really fly. Whether you are operating in market boom or recession, growth and profitability are always the main goals.

“James is one of the most accomplished recruiters I have come across. He delivers and you’ll enjoy the experience too.”


Gary Watson, CEO – Investigo

Get the best from your people


Are you and your staff ‘recession proof’? Are you making the most of your businesses potential? Is your business development gaining anywhere near its maximum impact? Are you giving your staff the right training to maximise their individual potentials?


Having hired and trained countless numbers of consultants in my career, I am often amazed at how many I meet are simply told to ‘learn on the job’ or given a phone and a desk and told to get on with it.


It is so hard to get hire great consultants these days, don’t just leave things to chance!


What a waste of talent and potential, and how incredibly dangerous to your business’s reputation. With the right basic skills and guidance even the most average performer, can produce great results.

“James is engaging and insightful, delivering with great passion and enthusiasm, whilst sharing his broad experience in an entertaining, commercial and practical way. His recent series of workshops for our consultants were pitched at the right level for an audience with varying degrees of experience, helping all who attended to apply new techniques and learnings immediately in their working life. We will definitely be using James again.”


Nikki Blackhurst, Partner – Mackenzie Jones

“James has committed a great deal of time and thought to understanding the operation and needs of my company and unstintingly applies his wide experience and commercial acumen to assist us in improving the skills of the individuals within the company and the service we are able to deliver to our clients. James is now a trusted confidant of the business and will remain so. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”


Mark Husband, Managing Director – Cogence Search

Having run national training programmes for a world leading professional recruitment business, as well as topping their league tables, I can provide structured recruitment training that will add real value.


Take your staff from Good to Great!


Whether your staff are fresh to the profession or are seasoned and looking for extra inspiration and training to help them win more often, I can provide structured, tailored training.

“James recently ran a group training session for Lime Talent. Everyone in the business really liked James and he was a very credible trainer who delivered a well-structured, helpful and well thought out course which has resulted in the team making significantly more profit from putting his ideas and suggestions into practice. Throughout my dealings with James, he has proven himself to be very personable, professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend James to other recruitment businesses looking for an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.”


Chris McWade, Owner/Director – Lime Talent 

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