Referral Marketing – The Referral Revolution® Workshop

We all love getting referrals, and for the majority of us it is the perfect way to get new business and source new candidates. However, very few businesses have a referral marketing process or system to encourage and grow referrals rates.




If you are a bit like most people, you will be excellent at what you do, but not always great or happy selling what you do and building the referrals that could follow. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for a few months or many years, for most of us, effectively marketing our services is just plain hard.


The Referral Revolution® is a total business business methodology which addresses these issues and helps you to significantly increase your sales and referral rates through the virtuous circle of 3C’s:



Your Clients


Engage with and educate your clients to buy more from you more often, whilst regularly referring you the right kind of prospects using a mixture of amazing service, Super Soft Selling™ and a highly effective referrals process.


Referral MarketingUtilise the power of world-of-mouth and make you and your business totally referable.


Your Colleagues


Harness the secret sales force that already exists within your business, and capture the potential of cross-selling to your existing client base. Dramatically improve internal networking and cross departmental referral rates.


Your Community


Win more business more often by talking to the right people at the right time, in the right way.


Build highly effective and trusting strategic relationships whilst expanding your network and spreading the right referable message.


Learn to use the art of Super Soft Selling™, a simple yet highly engaging method where no one feels sold to and everybody wins.



“Thank you James Nathan for blindingly suggestions that are so easy to action. Brilliantly effective,  no brainer and easy to implement. 

Rohit Talwar, Futurist, Strategic Advisor, Author and Keynote Speaker

“I would not hesitate to recommend James as a trainer or speaker for your event. He was a keynote for me at the Bookkeepers Conference and shared his ‘Referral Revolution’ system. The feedback from the delegates was fantastic, but more relevant was those that I mentor who took ‘action’ on the expertise shared and actually experienced an improvement with the referrals they receive. This guy is practical with his thoughts to help implement a system that works.”


Mike Foster – Commercial Director – The Bookkeepers Alliance 

“James joined us to share, in his own unique way, how to create more referrals in your business. James has a knack of simplifying what eludes so many in business and has created a process that makes it look easy and even, dare I say, attractive to try out. Our members were buzzing when James left and full of excitement and enthusiasm to put what they had learned into place. I love networking and it was a pleasure to experience James’s take on how to get the best from it…I’d echo every word!! Thank you again James I can only highly recommend you to anyone wanting to get a grip on sales or referrals and creating more of them.


Cathy Dunbabin – Director – ConnectingDoorz 



Alternative Example Agendas – Referral Marketing Workshops



Referral Revolution® Workshop – Half Day Agenda


A highly interactive half day workshop, focusing on building and significantly increasing sales and referral rates.

  • What is referral marketing
  • Being totally referable
  • Client, Colleague and Community – the 3 C’s of Referral
  • Focusing your effort – Why, Who, What and Where
  • Client cycle and referral
  • Differentiation and message
  • The psychology of referral
  • Ideal clients and referral clients
  • The reality of referrals
  • Asking for referrals – strategic process
  • Networking and Strategic Partner Networks


Referral Revolution® Workshop – Full Day Agenda


As for the half day agenda with increased time and focus on:



The full agenda will provide the attendees with not only the confidence, skills and mindset to dramatically increase referral numbers, but also a focused action plan.


“James delivered a fantastic session which was thought provoking, insightful and motivational. I highly recommend James to anyone looking to develop their business.”


Peter Beisty, Partner, Employment Law – mpm legal 


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