Say “Thank You”

Say “Thank You”

“What do you say to the nice Lady?”


You hear parents say something similar to their children all the time. The child is given something and we teach them to say thank you. It’s polite, it’s nice. It’s basic manners.


Why is it then, that in business we often forget this very simple lesson?


When I ask my Clients if they thank their own Clients for the business they receive, the answers are mixed. For some it’s “yes always”, for others it’s “usually” or “sometimes”, and for some the answer is “no, they thank us”.


Let’s ignore the last response which still amazes me to this day, but note that it isn’t something I’ve only heard once.


Our Clients are people who have trusted us with their business. They have helped us build our businesses and we should be delighted. So delighted in fact that we thank them as a matter of course. We want them to come back to us don’t we?


And I’m not suggesting just a simple few words (although that must happen). I’m suggesting something that means something. A card, meeting for lunch, a small gift which means something specific to that person. A real and personal thank you.


It’s not hard, but it takes effort. In business, as in all other parts of our lives, it’s not the thought that counts. It’s the effort that counts.


If you are one of those people who doesn’t thank their Clients regularly for the work that they give you, perhaps the time is right to make a change for the good.


Go back through your diary and sales ledgers. Look at who you have received work from and pick up the phone. Call them, thank them and organise to meet up.


And, before you reach for the keyboard, stop. DO NOT email. Email is a cop out, it’s lazy and it is meaningless.  Call them, and thank them personally.


Now, how about all those people who refer you work? The people who refer others to you? The people who help you out? Surely it’s time to thank them too…..


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