Taking inspiration – the time is now

Taking inspiration – the time is now

It’s been an amazing summer, and it’s still not over yet.

For many of us the day-to-day routine of early mornings, making lunches, school drop offs, and rushing to get to work on time has returned. In the haze that is normal life, it is so easy to forget the good things that the summer brought.

London 2012

Top of the list for me has been London 2012, both the Olympic and Paralympic games. I love the Olympics, it’s in my blood with both my parents having once been competitive athletes. I love the build up, I love the stars, the wins and the nearly wins, and the out and out gutsy performances. Watching the best in the world compete at their chosen sport. It’s all fantastic stuff.

Ashamedly, what I haven’t taken notice of previously has been the Paralympic games. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, it simply hadn’t registered with me. But this year it has. I took my family to the athletics in the Olympic Stadium, and had the most fantastic day. Each evening we are now glued to the TV watching the day’s performances, in exactly the same way we did with the Olympic games.

Inspirational performance

Its easy to get swept away with the Paralympics, talking of heroic performances and inspirational effort. It’s easy and it’s true. Paralympians are an inspiration. They are people who are achieving what many of us only dream of.

In our work lives we often easy to forget what athletes know every time they compete. You only have one chance. At the start of a race, at the beginning of a competition, there is only one chance to achieve, and the time is now.

The time is now

If we were to treat our businesses in the same way then imagine what could be achieved. There would be no procrastination, no missed deadlines, no put off calls, no wasting time. There would be only the best we can do every time we do it.

The best, always. It’s what our clients and colleagues expect from us. The time is now to give it to them.

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