Thank your referrers like you mean it

Thank your referrers like you mean it

Thank your referrers like you mean it


“I know I bleat on a lot about thanking people: thanking clients for the business they give you, just thanking people generally for for being kind.


One thing I’ve missed though, one thing I notice is not enough people thanking the people who refer them business. If someone refers business to you it’s only right to thank them for it and not just to to think about it or say thank you but do something nice for them.


Think about how you could thank that person to reinforce that great thing that they’ve just done because, don’t you want them to do it again?


You know, a simple thank you is a great thing, a bigger thank you is a lovely thing. And coming up to this time of year where people are chucking presents about left right and centre, maybe it’s time to think about those people who have given you business but are not clients of yours.


And hopefully I’ve given you something to think about today, have a great day.”



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