S2E11 The Highly Personalised Recruitment as a Service Edition with James Osborne

James chats with James Osborne, who the past 16 years has been working with recruitment business leaders helping them to achieve significant growth, performance improvement and competitive advantage acting as a non executive director, consultant, trainer and strategist for numerous fast growing recruitment businesses.


He’s a passionate speaker on behalf of the recruitment and staffing sector, and is the Chairman of the Recruitment Network. The fastest growing global support an advisory club for recruitment business leaders. He is also an Iron Man triathlete, which he competes in for raising money for his own personal charity.


S2E10 The Be Amazing Or Go Home Edition with Shep Hyken

James chats with Shep Hyken, the Chief Amazement Officer at Shep Presentations, an award winning keynote speaker and New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling business author.


As one of the leading experts in the field of customer service and experience, he works with customers and companies who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees.


They discuss smart customers, convenience, being employee focused, damaged fridges, reducing friction, hailing cabs, and always being amazing.


S2E9 The Motorcycle Culture and Club Level Service Edition with Dutch Van Someren

James chats with Anthony “Dutch” Van Someren, who after 25 years in the media industry leading creative brand and marketing in companies like MTV, Bravo, Cartoon Network, Extreme Sports Channel, Harper Collins Publishers, and then an advertising agency he changed direction and created the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club.


It started in 2011 as a blog about motorcycle culture, which launched into an annual exhibition retail and then in 2015 opened as a full time destination venue in Shoreditch under four huge victorian railway arches, offering club level hospitality, retail, events, a barbershop, galleries, and lounge spaces to a global audience of people who love motorcycles, and people who love people who love motorcycles, and their friends, their dogs and kids.


S2E8 The Speed of Change Edition with Michael Jackson

James chats with Michael Jackson, a strategic business marketing and communications expert with over 30 years experience.


Born in Britain, and London educated and trained in business strategy development and communications. He’s worked personally for business leaders such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates, as well as many other leading global businesses, including Qatar Airways, HP, Goodyear and Barclays.


S2E7 – The Using Content and Communicating Edition with Grant Leboff

James chats with Grant Leboff, one of the U.K’s leading Sales and Marketing experts.


His fourth book, ‘Digital Selling’, debuted at #1 on the Amazon charts prior to being published in September 2016. This follows the success of Leboff’s previous titles: ‘Stickier Marketing’ (2014) ‘Sales Therapy’ (2007) and ‘Sticky Marketing’ (2011) all bestsellers.


S2E6 – The Massive Goals Edition with David Hyner

James chats with David Hyner, a man who suggests that setting realistic and achievable goals does not work and works around a credible principle called the Massive Goal Principle.


David spends his life working with a variety of people but a lot of the time with school kids and young adults who are coming out into the world. He’s hosted various different shows on lots of different topics.


S2E5 – The Great Value Through Giving Edition with Bob Burg

James chats with Bob Burg a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences sharing the platform with everyone from today’s business leaders and broadcast personalities to even a former U.S. President.


Bob is the author of a number of books on sales, marketing and influence, with total book sales of well over a million copies. His book, The Go-Giver, coauthored with John David Mann, itself has sold over 850,000 copies and it has been translated into 28 languages.


S2E4 The Iconic Business Edition with Scott McKain

James chats with Scott McKain, a globally recognized authority on how organizations and professionals create distinction to attract and retain customers — and stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace.


Scott’s recent book, ICONIC: How Organizations and Leaders Attain, Sustain, and Regain the Ultimate Level of Distinction,” was recently named on Forbes.com as a TOP TEN BEST BUSINESS BOOK for 2018. The first edition of his book, “Create Distinction: What to Do When ‘Great’ Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business” was named by thirty major newspapers (such as the Miami Herald) as one of the “ten best business books of the year.”


S2E3 – The Remote and Co-Located Business Edition with Adam Harris

James chats with Adam Harris, who’s entrepreneurial streak showed itself early when at age 12, he ran a neighbourhood car-washing empire, nearly got kicked out of University for E-mailing all 28,000 students and staff (pre-GDPR), has been a Professional Lookalike, owns a business that has 1500 blow up dolls….. now Adam helps business leaders by going DEEP through his laser-sharp challenge and questioning.


A trusted advisor, coach, mentor, and the youngest Vistage chair in history, Adam brings the requisite gravitas and authority to his Vistage group combining it with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to facilitate results.


S2E2 – The How To Be A Star On YouTube Edition with Pete Bennett

James chats with Pete Bennett, who is an Internet entrepreneur and has been for over 20 years. He was part of a team that put together the strategy to grow a YouTube channel (Little Baby Bum) from zero to the biggest channel on YouTube at the time, which took about seven years.


That was in sold for, well, an undisclosed amount of money, but an amount that you probably couldn’t spend in a lifetime.