When things go wrong

When things go wrong

When things go wrong


“When things go wrong in hotels there’s so many different ways of dealing with it and I’ve had a situation today where, very randomly, I put my hand in the in the bag to take a hair dryer out and in there was a pair of socks: dirty pair of socks which is quite disgusting.


Anyway I mentioned it to reception, told her I wasn’t particularly happy about it and her reaction was really poor, she sort of said “well, I’m not sure what to do about that” and I said  well, do something because I’m not happy about paying the full rate for the room.


Anyway, she went away and she came back, they knocked some money off the room and gave me breakfast which is lovely. Now her reaction was pretty average but the reaction of the manager in the restaurant and the cleaning lady who came to see me was absolutely outrageously good. you know, a massive apology, in fact to point, to a point where she felt a little bit embarrassed.


Well done to them you know, and if you ever get to have breakfast at Gaucho fantastic!


So hopefully that will give you something to think about, it’s not how you put things right, it’s how you deal with the problem at the at the source.


Have a great day.”



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