It’s time to charge what you are really worth

It’s time to charge what you are really worth



“Are you charging what you are worth? Are you charging your clients enough?


You see, for a lot of people it’s really hard to charge the right amount of money, they feel that it would be great to charge a bit more but, you know….. “it’s only me”, “it’s only my service”, “it’s only what I do”, “it can’t be worth, well, it can’t be worth more” – but it always is.


If you put your price up, guess what happens? People pay you more. And, if you put your price to the right level then they’ll pay you what you’re worth and what you’re worth is always, in my opinion, always more than [that dog!] more than you are charging now!


Hopefully that will give you something to think about today…


Have a great day!”

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