What are you prepared to do?

What are you prepared to do?

What are you prepared to do?


“So, here’s a question for you it’s a pretty simple one: What is it you want to achieve and what are you actually prepared to do about it?


Because, I spend so much time listening to people tell me what they want and how they want to get here and there and everywhere. But when it comes to actually putting the effort in, when it comes to really putting the effort in, they sometimes fail. They fail quite fast actually.


They fail when it takes a little bit more work or they fail when they mess up the first time or they fail when it doesn’t quite behave the way or things don’t quite behave they want to.


What are you prepared to do to get to what you want?  And, if you can’t work longer how on earth are you going to get there without working smarter.


Hopefully I’ve given you something to think about today.


Have a great day.”



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