Working across the generations

Working across the generations

Working across the generations


“I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about generation X, generation Y, millennials, the differences in people, the differences in generations. And, I’ve worked a lot recently with a lot younger people in last couple of months and yes, there is a difference in their expectation and there is a difference in their ideas of career and, and how they expect to be treated, or want to be treated and what have you….


But, you know there’s a converse to all of this, which is, how do we teach these people to work with us, because most of the people that they need to work with, and sell to a going to be older and they need to learn how to do that properly. Yes, we need to understand what the workforce is going to look like in 10-15 years and what those people will be looking for out of careers, but we also need to help them and there’s a, there’s a big gap.


Anyway hope that’ll give you something to think about.


Have a great day!”



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