If you’re going to cold call, do some research and get it right!

If you’re going to cold call, do some research and get it right!

If you are going to cold call people - do some research and get it right!


“There are lots of ways to get new business, and one of those ways is to phone the people that you want to talk to: cold call them, introduce yourself to them, find out whether they’re the right person, get to a conversation which explains whether or not actually there’s a there’s more to talk about.


That’s a perfectly legitimate way to to to carry on a business development activity, however, know what you’re doing. If you’re calling people find out about them first. Don’t just get on the phone and then try to engage them in conversation.


I’ve just had Yell on the phone for the third time in about two weeks, because I’ve got three different website listings and they’re all listed on Yell, and this guy wanted to engage me in chat about something which is wholly irrelevant and actually he should have known what he was talking about a little bit beforehand. You know, perhaps even looked at the website before saying “and what does it do”, you know, that kind of thing.


And secondly, get that person’s name right. I have got two first names and lots of people call me Nathan by mistake and and you know, it’s just one of those things. I really wanted to call my son Nathan Nathan but Mandy wasn’t having it….


Anyway, get the person’s name right! I don’t mind when people get my name wrong, when they call me Nathan because they’re quite often embarrassed by it but also it’s just a mistake.


But if you’re trying to sell something to me, make sure you call me by my name.


Anyway, hopefully that’ll give you a few things to think about today.


Have a great day!”




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