Ep6 – The Relationships and Influence Edition with Warren Cass

James chats with Warren Cass, an entrepreneur with 25 years of running his own businesses, he has experienced huge success and tasted the bitter pill of failure. All of these lessons and stories are shared when he speaks…. Always from the heart!


Warren is straight talking with a no nonsense presentation style. His passion for business shows, especially when he talks about relationships, influence & marketing.


Ep5 – The Smash the Stigma of Mental Health Edition with Rob Stephenson

In this special edition of The Only One Business Show James chats with Rob Stephenson, a mental health influencer, campaigner and public speaker striving to create mentally healthier workplaces. He experiences bipolar disorder personally.


Rob is the founder of Inside-Out.org, a social enterprise with a mission of smashing the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace by showcasing senior leader role models with lived experiences of mental ill-health.


Ep4 – The Thoughtful Leader Edition with Mindy Gibbins-Klein

James chats with Mindy Gibbins-Klein, an International Speaker and Executive Coach specialising in turning experts into thought leaders and published authors.


Mindy has authored and co-authored 9 books, including 24 Carat BOLD about which Seth Godin said, “This is the first thoughtful book I’ve seen on what it means to become a thought leader. Practical and inspiring at the same time.” Her latest book The Thoughtful Leader challenges leaders to be more thoughtful in all senses of the word.


Ep3 – The Influential Sales Edition with Simon Hazeldine

James chats with Simon Hazeldine – International Speaker, Bestselling Business Author once described as “A Hard Hitting Speaker Who Will Give Your People A Wake Up Call That They Will Never Forget!”


Prior to pursuing a career in sales, Simon worked as a bouncer and provided event security and bodyguard services to celebrities in the television and music industry.


Ep2 – The Business Success Edition with Bob Bradley

James chats with Bob Bradley, a specialist in businesses that succeed and grow by delivering consistent quality, service and experience in premium segments, having run five such businesses as Managing Director or Chief Executive.


Bob now runs MD2MD, an organisation that runs private meetings where leaders develop their strategic thinking through peer discussion.


Ep1 – The Marketing Disruption Edition with Barnaby Wynter

James chats with Barnaby Wynter – Marketing Disrupter, Keynote Speaker, Paleontologist, Founder of the Brand Bucket Company, Author, Serial Entrepeneur, Marketing and Rebranding Expert.


In 1999 Barnaby became the youngest Managing Director of a top 200 ad agency, having worked in four leading London ad agencies in client service. Since then he takes nothing for granted. Having launched over 450 brands, he says things change every day. “Almost every rule I learnt has been reconfigured.”